What’s New in Google Data Studio?

The Data Studio team has been hard at work launching some new features, including clearer tables, colorful numbers, and more ways to visualize your data. Let’s take a look at the highlights:
Need to narrow down a large data set? Pivot Tables take the rows in a standard table and pivot them so they become columns. This lets you reorganize metrics and dimensions, and group and summarize the data in ways a standard table can’t provide. Pivot tables also help you analyze relationships between data points that might otherwise be hard to spot.

Learn more about pivot tables (and see how Sheets can now intelligently suggest them for you!) »
Coordinated Coloring binds colors to specific data for easy comparison of metrics and dimensions across different visualizations. When a new visualization is created, Data Studio automatically binds colors to the data, so that color:data pairs stay consistent with all filters and versions. Coordinated coloring is automatically turned on for all new reports, and you can add it yourself to old reports.

Learn more about coordinated coloring »

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