Upcoming change: Admins now have more control over Profile fields, and changes to the Contacts On/Off setting

On June 26, 2017, we’re releasing some changes that will bring user profile management under the direct control of G Suite admins, starting with the Name, Photo, Gender, and Birthday fields. Whereas end users could previously only edit these fields if they had upgraded to Google+, these new controls let admins decide which profile fields can be edited by end users, independent of Google+ status. Additionally, we are renaming the Contacts setting to Directory in order to better describe the functionality and, as such, the Contacts on/off setting within it will be removed.

More about this change

If you want to enable or disable your users’ ability to modify their Name, Photo, Gender, or Birthday, you can now do so from the Admin console. You will continue to be able to set these fields directly yourself where supported in the Admin console, or sync values using Google Cloud Directory Sync.

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