Visualizing the #MeToo movement using Google Trends

The #MeToo movement has inspired growing, worldwide awareness of sexual violence and sexual assault. This is not only a significant moment in history; it’s a significant moment in internet history: #MeToo marks a time when sexual assault survivors everywhere turned the internet into a platform for their voices and perspectives to be heard and respected. […]

AIY Projects: A first step into STEM

Artificial Intelligence allows computers to perform increasingly complex tasks like understanding speech or identifying what’s in an image. AI built into hardware lets you build devices that feel more personal, can be trained to solve individual problems, and do things people haven’t thought of yet. Building AI-based things used to require expensive hardware and an […]

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL now generally available and ready for your production workloads

By Brett Hesterberg, Product Manager Among open-source relational databases, PostgreSQL is one of the most popular—and the most sought-after by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) users. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that PostgreSQL is now generally available and fully supported for all customers on our Cloud SQL fully-managed database service. Backed by Google’s 24×7 SRE team, […]

5 things you can do with Chrome Browser to increase employee productivity

Whether it’s accessing business apps, collaborating on projects or just checking email, the web browser is increasingly becoming the place where employees get their jobs done. In fact, 76 percent of companies employ browser-based email, and 70 percent have adopted browser-based office applications, according to a recent Forrester study. Since employees spend a lot of […]

G Suite Enterprise for Education is Now Available

Since launching G Suite for Education, we’ve heard a common request from colleges, universities and large school districts: the need for more advanced tools to meet their complex technology needs. In January, we announced G Suite Enterprise for Education, a new edition of G Suite for Education that offers additional enterprise-grade capabilities designed for large […]

Exploring container security: Protecting and Defending your Kubernetes Engine network

By Manjot Pahwa, Product Manager, Cloud Networking; Ahmet Balkan, Developer Experience Engineer and Bowei Du, Software Engineer, Cloud Networking Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of blog posts on container security at Google. You can find the other posts in the series here. Security is a crucial factor in deciding which public […]

La nuova API Transition di Activity Recognition rende le funzionalità sensibili al contesto accessibili a tutti gli sviluppatori

Pubblicato da Marc Stogaitis, Tajinder Gadh, e Michael Cai, Android Activity Recognition Team I telefoni sono i nostri dispositivi più personali che portiamo con noi ovunque, ma finora è stato difficile per le app adeguarsi all’ambiente e alle attività in continua evoluzione dell’utente. Molti sviluppatori ci hanno riferito di passare tempo prezioso a cercare di […]

BigQuery arrives in the Tokyo region

By Chad W. Jennings, BigQuery Product Manager We launched BigQuery, our enterprise data warehouse solution, in 2011 so that our customers could leverage the processing power of Google’s infrastructure to perform super-fast SQL queries. And although BigQuery is already available to all our customers no matter where they’re located, many enterprises need additional options for […]

BeeTouched: how the internet keeps the buzz in a family business

Editor’s note: As part of our series of interviews with entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific who use the internet to grow, we spoke with Aaron Huang, the manager of BeeTouched, a honey business in Taiwan. After he and his cousins took over the family business, Aaron used the internet to build a new brand and spread awareness […]

How to make AI that’s good for people

For a field that was not well known outside of academia a decade ago, artificial intelligence has grown dizzyingly fast. Tech companies from Silicon Valley to Beijing are betting everything on it, venture capitalists are pouring billions into research and development, and start-ups are being created on what seems like a daily basis. If our […]