Develop bot integrations with the Hangouts Chat platform and API

Posted by Mike Sorvillo, Product Manager, Hangouts Chat and Wesley Chun (@wescpy), Developer Advocate, G Suite

You might have seen that we announced new features in G Suite to help teams transform how they work, including Hangouts Chat, a new messaging platform for enterprise collaboration on web and mobile. Perhaps more interesting is that starting today you’ll be able to craft your own bot integrations using the Hangouts Chat developer platform and API.

Now, you can create bots to streamline work—automate manual tasks or give your users new ways to connect with your application, all with commands issued from chat rooms or direct messages (DMs). Here are some ideas you might consider:

  • Create a bot that can complete simple tasks or query for information
  • Create a bot that can post asynchronous notifications in any room or DM
  • Use interactive UI cards to bring your message responses to life
  • Use Google Apps Script to create custom bots for your colleagues or organization

For example, a bot can take a location from a user, look it up using the Google Maps API, and display the resulting map right within the same message thread in Hangouts Chat. The bot output you see in the image below is generated from the Apps Script bot integration. It returns the JSON payload just below the same image shown on this page in the documentation.

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