No more red ink: better writing with machine learning

Editor’s note: TensorFlow, our open source machine learning library, is just that—open to anyone. Companies, nonprofits, researchers and developers have used TensorFlow in some pretty cool ways, and we’re sharing those stories here on Keyword. Here’s one of them. was founded by a group of educators and technologists to help students become better writers […]

Presentazione di Mobile Excellence Award per premiare le migliori esperienze sul web mobile

Pubblicato da Shane Cassells, mSite Product Lead, EMEA Recentemente abbiamo collaborato con Awwwards, una piattaforma di premiazione dello sviluppo web e del web design, per lanciare il Distintivo Mobile Excellence su e il Mobile Excellence Award in omaggio alle migliori esperienze sul web mobile. A partire da questo mese, ogni agenzia o professionista nel […]

Our efforts to help protect journalists online

Safety and security online is important for all of our users, but especially for journalists in the field conducting difficult—sometimes dangerous—reporting. Journalists are susceptible to a number of risks. Reporters covering oppressive regimes or working in regions where freedom of the press is limited have been targeted by government-backed attackers. Newsrooms have fallen victim to […]

Chrome Enterprise now offers native print management

In August we announced the launch of Chrome Enterprise, a single, cost-effective solution giving you the security and control you need to keep your employees connected. On our road to releasing Chrome Enterprise, we listened to a lot of feedback from businesses. And one of the most common requests we received was greater printing capabilities. […]

Accelerating the journey to the cloud for SAP customers—access transparency preview and new certifications

From the moment we announced a partnership with SAP at Google Cloud Next in March, we’ve been busy readying SAP systems to run effectively on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our momentum with SAP offers solutions for all types of business, from SMBs to the largest enterprises around the world, including developments with data access transparency, a […]

Indianapolis revs up with Grow with Google

For more than a hundred years, Indiana has been a powerhouse in American manufacturing. Its factories assembled the vehicles that would take the country into a new automotive era in the 20th century. Historic auto companies like Studebaker, Cord and Duesenberg called the state home. Though Indiana remains a domestic manufacturing hub, the economy continues […]

Anteprima per sviluppatori di Android 8.1

Pubblicato da Dave Burke, VP di Engineering Oggi diamo un primo sguardo ad Android 8.1. Questo aggiornamento per Android Oreo comprende una serie di miglioramenti mirati, incluse le ottimizzazioni per Android Go (per i dispositivi con massimo 1 GB di memoria) e una nuova API Neural Networks per l’avanzamento dell’intelligenza artificiale sui dispositivi. Abbiamo incluso […]

What we’re doing to support veterans

Before leading Google’s Global Security team, I was proud to serve as a member of the Navy SEALS. There are some great similarities between the military and our company. In both organizations, people genuinely appreciate each other’s skills and talents, and we’re all focused on delivering toward a mission. Veterans have not just contributed to […]