Designing for human and environmental health

Imagine a world of abundance—a world where products are infinitely recycled and the design process itself begins with considering the health and well-being of people and the environment. Imagine those products flowing through an economy that is both profitable and stems depletion of raw materials. That’s the world we want for all of us, and […]

Preserving endangered wonders of the world, for generations to come

When Ben Kacyra watched on TV as the Taliban destroyed 1,500 year-old Buddhist statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan in 2001, he felt compelled to do something. Mr. Kacyra, who happens to be one of the creators of the world’s first three-dimensional laser scanning system, realized that his technology could be used to record monuments at risk […]

Digital skills for Arabic speakers everywhere

In the Middle East and North Africa, only 38 percent of youth believe their education gives them the skills they need to enter the workforce. By 2020, one in five jobs in the Arab world will require digital skills that aren’t widely available today. Many women are contributing to the innovation coming out of the […]

Attenzione, attenzione! Il Firebase Realtime Database ora supporta Google Stackdriver Alerts!

I dashboard sono utilissimi ma cosa succede se non li guardiamo? Non sarebbe bello sapere quando hai un enorme picco di traffico o se stai per raggiungere il limite di connessioni simultanee per un singolo database? Non preoccuparti, ci pensa Google Stackdriver Alerts! Già a dicembre abbiamo annunciato che Firebase Realtime Database era stato integrato […]

Helping publishers recover lost revenue from ad blocking

Today, the majority of the internet is supported by digital advertising. But bad ad experiences—the ones that blare music unexpectedly, or force you to wait 10 seconds before you get to the page—are hurting publishers who make the content, apps and services we use everyday. When people encounter annoying ads, and then decide to block […]

A new public energy tool to reduce emissions

Renewable energy, and the transition to a low-carbon future, has long been a priority for Google. However, there is still a long way to go toward the low-carbon future we envision. Electricity generation from fossil fuels accounts for about 45 percent of global carbon emissions yet useful and accessible information to guide the transition to […]

Think macro: record actions in Google Sheets to skip repetitive work

Since their debut nearly 40 years ago, spreadsheets have remained core to how businesses get work done. From analyzing quarterly revenue to updating product inventory, spreadsheets are critical to helping companies gather and share data to inform quicker decisions—but what else can you do if they’re in the cloud? We’ve been focused on making Google […]

Punti salienti del TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018

Originariamente pubblicato da Sandeep Gupta, Product Manager per TensorFlow, da parte del team TensorFlow sul TensorFlow Blog. Il 30 marzo scorso si è tenuto il secondo TensorFlow Developer Summit al Computer History Museum di Mountain View in California. L’evento ha riunito più di 500 utenti TensorFlow e in migliaia si sono sintonizzati in live streaming […]

How Topcoder crowdsources solutions to tough coding challenges with Chrome Browser

Editor’s note: Today’s post is from Kyle Bowerman, Community Architect for Topcoder, a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects businesses with designers, developers and data scientists to build technology solutions. Topcoder uses Chrome Browser as its development environment, creating extensions to GitHub and simulating various device environments. Companies need developers who can create apps that solve complex […]

A new partnership to drive renewable energy growth in the U.S.

In our global search to find renewable energy for our data centers, we’ve long wanted to work with the state of Georgia. Solar is abundant and cost-competitive in the region, but until now the market rules did not allow companies like ours to purchase renewable energy. We’re pleased to announce that in partnership with Walmart, […]