O guia de SEO para iniciantes foi reformulado

Há muitos recursos disponíveis para criar sites excelentes. Muitos proprietários perguntam ao Google quais são as práticas recomendadas para desenvolver sites excelentes que sejam compatíveis com mecanismos de pesquisa. Tradicionalmente, nossos recursos para iniciantes eram o guia de SEO para iniciantes e a Academia de webmasters. Para ajudar os webmasters a criar sites modernos e […]

LoWPAN on Android Things

Posted by Dave Smith, Developer Advocate for IoT Creating robust connections between IoT devices can be difficult. WiFi and Bluetooth are ubiquitous and work well in many scenarios, but suffer limitations when power is constrained or large numbers of devices are required on a single network. In response to this, new communications technologies have arisen […]

Improving End-to-End Models For Speech Recognition

Posted by Tara N. Sainath, Research Scientist, Speech Team and Yonghui Wu, Research Scientist, Google Brain Team Traditional automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems, used for a variety of voice search applications at Google, are comprised of an acoustic model (AM), a pronunciation model (PM) and a language model (LM), all of which are independently trained, […]

New ways to measure your users in Google Analytics

Almost 90% of marketing executives say that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to marketing success.1 Today’s customers have incredibly high expectations for personalized and relevant experiences from brands. That’s why Google Analytics keeps working to better measure the full customer journey in all its complexity. Let’s look at four new Analytics […]

A Summary of the First Conference on Robot Learning

Posted by Vincent Vanhoucke, Principal Scientist, Google Brain Team and Melanie Saldaña, Program Manager, University Relations Whether in the form of autonomous vehicles, home assistants or disaster rescue units, robotic systems of the future will need to be able to operate safely and effectively in human-centric environments. In contrast to to their industrial counterparts, they […]