Introducing our new developer YouTube Series: “Build Out”

Posted by Reto Meier & Colt McAnlis: Developer Advocates Ever found yourself trying to figure out the right way to combine mobile, cloud, and web technologies, only to be lost in the myriad of available offerings? It can be challenging to know the best way to combine all the options to build products that solve […]

Skylake processors now available in seven regions

By Hanan Youssef, Product Manager Earlier this year, Intel Xeon server processor (codenamed Skylake) became generally available on Google Compute Engine, providing you with the most powerful and technically advanced processors in the cloud. Paired with Compute Engine, Skylake benefits from finer-grained controls over your VMs, the ability to select your host CPU platform for […]

Deploying Memcached on Container Engine: tutorial

By Julien Phalip, Cloud Solutions Architect Memcached is one of the most popular open source, multi-purpose caching systems. It usually serves as a temporary store for frequently used data to speed up web applications and lighten database loads. We recently published a tutorial to learn how to deploy a cluster of distributed Memcached servers on […]

My Path to Google: Derek Pierce, Staffing Services Associate

Welcome to the thirteenth installment of our blog series “My Path to Google.” These are real stories from Googlers, interns, and alumni highlighting how they got to Google, what their roles are like, and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews. Today’s post is all about Derek Pierce. Read on! Can you tell […]

EcoInclusión es la gran ganadora del #DesafíoGoogleOrg

¿Cómo podemos hacer más, ayudar a más gente, resolver un nuevo problema? Estas son la principales preguntas que, todos los días, miles de organizaciones se realizan en América Latina en su incansable labor por solucionar los grandes problemas de la sociedad. Al igual que las ONGs, en Google también nos hacemos esas grandes preguntas y […]

Introducing container-diff, a tool for quickly comparing container images

The Google Container Tools team originally built container-diff, a new project to help uncover differences between container images, to aid our own development with containers. We think it can be useful for anyone building containerized software, so we’re excited to release it as open source to the development community. Containers and the Dockerfile format help […]

Introducing Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a new way to build voice and text conversational apps

By Dan Aharon, Product Manager for Cloud AI From chatbots to IoT devices, conversational apps provide a richer and more natural experience for users. Dialogflow (formerly API.AI) was created for exactly that purpose — to help developers build interfaces that offer engaging, personal interactions. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of developers use Dialogflow to create […]

Three new tools to improve the performance of your holiday campaigns

With the all important holiday shopping season about to begin, you can’t afford to miss any revenue opportunity. But you also need to be careful about how much you push your already stretched team. This is why we recently introduced three new tools, available to all DoubleClick Bid Manager accounts, that will help you reach […]

How Qubit and GCP helped Ubisoft create personalized customer experiences

By Alex Olivier, Product Manager, Qubit Editor’s note: Today’s blog post comes from Alex Olivier, product manager at Qubit. He’ll be taking us through the solution Qubit provided for Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest gaming companies, to help them personalize customer experiences through data analysis. Our platform helps brands across a range of sectors […]