Leveraging AI to protect our users and the web

Posted by Elie Bursztein, Anti-Abuse Research Lead – Ian Goodfellow, Adversarial Machine Learning Research Lead Recent advances in AI are transforming how we combat fraud and abuse and implement new security protections. These advances are critical to meeting our users’ expectations and keeping increasingly sophisticated attackers at bay, but they come with brand new challenges […]

Kubernetes best practices: How and why to build small container images

By Sandeep Dinesh, Developer Advocate Editor’s note: Today marks the first installment in a seven-part video and blog series from Google Developer Advocate Sandeep Dinesh on how to get the most out of your Kubernetes environment. Today he tackles the theory and practicalities of keeping your container images as small as possible. Docker makes building […]

Transición de Google URL Shortener a Firebase Dynamic Links

Publicado por Michael Hermanto, Ingeniero de software, Firebase Lanzamos Google URL Shortener en 2009 como una alternativa para que las personas pudieran compartir vínculos y medir el tráfico en línea más fácilmente. Desde entonces, han surgido muchos servicios populares de acortamiento de URL y también han cambiado notablemente las formas en las que las personas […]

Session length controls for domains using SAML

In March, we introduced a setting that allows G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Education admins to specify the duration of web sessions for Google services (e.g. four hours, seven days, or infinite). At the time, this setting only applied to domains where Google was responsible for the login (i.e. where Google was the Identity Provider). […]

Ahora puedes documentar automáticamente tus API con Cloud Endpoints

Por Andrew Gunsch, ingeniero de Software, e Israel Shalom, gerente de Producto Con Cloud Endpoints, nuestro servicio de compilación, implementación y administración de API en Google Cloud Platform (GCP), puedes concentrarte en la lógica y el diseño de tu API, y nuestro equipo se ocupa del resto. Hoy expandimos ese “resto” y anunciamos nuevos portales […]

Take your own journey: Experience one of Parks Canada’s breathtaking destinations with new Google Street View imagery

Authored by the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada Every year, on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day in support of the environment. What better time to launch new Google Street View imagery, featuring some of Parks Canada’s most awe-inspiring places. As […]

Te invitamos a registrarte en LARA 2018, los Premios de Investigación de Google para América Latina

En las últimas cinco ediciones de nuestro programa de becas de investigación para América Latina, hemos visto una gran variedad de proyectos que tuvieron como objetivo solucionar algunos de los desafíos actuales a través de la tecnología. Recibimos cientos de propuestas de investigaciones en diferentes áreas, desde el emprendedurismo en temas de salud hasta propuestas […]

My Path to Google: Satyaki Upadhyay, Software Engineer (Google Maps)

Welcome to the 24th installment of our blog series “My Path to Google.” These are real stories from Googlers, interns, and alumni highlighting how they got to Google, what their roles are like, and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews. Today’s post is all about Satyaki Upadhyay. Read on!