Leveraging AI to protect our users and the web

Posted by Elie Bursztein, Anti-Abuse Research Lead – Ian Goodfellow, Adversarial Machine Learning Research Lead Recent advances in AI are transforming how we combat fraud and abuse and implement new security protections. These advances are critical to meeting our users’ expectations and keeping increasingly sophisticated attackers at bay, but they come with brand new challenges […]

How Google autocomplete works in Search

Autocomplete is a feature within Google Search designed to make it faster to complete searches that you’re beginning to type. In this post—the second in a series that goes behind-the-scenes about Google Search—we’ll explore when, where and how autocomplete works. Using autocomplete Autocomplete is available most anywhere you find a Google search box, including the […]

Introducing the CVPR 2018 On-Device Visual Intelligence Challenge

Posted by Bo Chen, Software Engineer and Jeffrey M. Gilbert, Member of Technical Staff, Google Research Over the past year, there have been exciting innovations in the design of deep networks for vision applications on mobile devices, such as the MobileNet model family and integer quantization. Many of these innovations have been driven by performance […]

Kubernetes best practices: How and why to build small container images

By Sandeep Dinesh, Developer Advocate Editor’s note: Today marks the first installment in a seven-part video and blog series from Google Developer Advocate Sandeep Dinesh on how to get the most out of your Kubernetes environment. Today he tackles the theory and practicalities of keeping your container images as small as possible. Docker makes building […]

Transición de Google URL Shortener a Firebase Dynamic Links

Publicado por Michael Hermanto, Ingeniero de software, Firebase Lanzamos Google URL Shortener en 2009 como una alternativa para que las personas pudieran compartir vínculos y medir el tráfico en línea más fácilmente. Desde entonces, han surgido muchos servicios populares de acortamiento de URL y también han cambiado notablemente las formas en las que las personas […]

Session length controls for domains using SAML

In March, we introduced a setting that allows G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Education admins to specify the duration of web sessions for Google services (e.g. four hours, seven days, or infinite). At the time, this setting only applied to domains where Google was responsible for the login (i.e. where Google was the Identity Provider). […]

Presentazione di Cloud Text-to-Speech con la tecnologia WaveNet di DeepMind

Pubblicato da Dan Aharon, Product Manager, Cloud AI Molti prodotti Google (ad es. Assistente Google, Ricerca, Maps) sono dotati di sintesi vocale ad alta qualità incorporata che produce conversazioni naturali. Gli sviluppatori ci hanno riferito di voler aggiungere questa tecnologia alle proprie applicazioni, quindi abbiamo deciso di introdurla nella Google Cloud Platform con Cloud Text-to-Speech. […]

The High Five: put your hands together for this week’s search trends

Every Friday, we look back at five trending topics in Search from that week, and then give ourselves a High Five for making it to the weekend. Today we’re putting our hands together for National High Five Day—so first, a few notable “high five” trends. Then on to our regularly scheduled programming. High Fives all […]