Automatic document closeout, custom backgrounds and more with the latest Jamboard release

Jamboard helps businesses collaborate more efficiently by bringing the power of the cloud into their team brainstorms. With this latest Jamboard release, we’re adding new features to help you customize that experience for the unique needs of your organization. Automatic document closeoutJams can now be automatically closed if left open on a Jamboard kiosk for […]

Moin, Hamburg: Digitale Bildung in der Hansestadt

Laut Digital-Atlas Deutschland, einer Untersuchung des Instituts der Deutschen Wirtschaft, sind nur 20 Prozent der kleinen und mittelständischen und 30 Prozent der großen Unternehmen digitalisiert. Fast 60 Prozent der Unternehmen, die im Rahmen der Untersuchung befragt wurden, nennen den Mangel an digitalen Kompetenzen als größtes Hemmnis bei der Digitalisierung. Um den Herausforderungen der Zukunft gerecht […]

#LetsGuide: Someone out there needs a guide like you

There are at least seven kinds of Local Guides who share their knowledge on Google Maps. And there are many more reasons that people in the Local Guides community help others discover the right places in cities around the world. Our #LetsGuide campaign shows what our Local Guides are into, from the dog parks they photograph […]

The fight against illegal deforestation with TensorFlow

Editor’s Note: Rainforest Connection is using technology to protect the rainforest. Founder and CEO Topher White shares how TensorFlow, Google’s open-source machine learning framework, aids in their efforts. For me, growing up in the 80s and 90s, the phrase “Save the Rainforest” was a directive that barely progressed over the years. The appeal was clear, […]

Google News Initiative : renforçons la presse de demain

Les utilisateurs se tournent vers Google pour obtenir des informations fiables, qui proviennent généralement de journalistes et d’organismes de presse du monde entier. Bien que la demande pour une information de qualité n’ait jamais été aussi forte, le secteur de la presse subit de fortes pressions liées à sa transition vers le numérique. Chez Google, […]

Open sourcing GTXiLib, an accessibility test automation framework for iOS

Google believes everyone should be able to access and enjoy the web. We share guidance on building accessible tech over at Google Accessibility and we recently launched a dedicated disability support team. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve open sourced GTXiLib, an accessibility test automation framework for iOS, under the Apache license. We want […]

New ways to secure businesses in the cloud

From collaboration tools that accelerate productivity, to platforms that spur innovation, to AI-powered tools that drive better customer insights, the cloud is increasingly where we turn to transform businesses. It’s also where an increasing number of enterprises are turning to help protect their data and stay secure. As Urs shared earlier this week, it’s been […]

Helping G Suite customers stay secure with new proactive phishing protections and management controls

(Cross-posted from The Keyword) Security tools are only effective at stopping threats if they are deployed and managed at scale, but getting everyone in your organization to adopt these tools ultimately hinges on how easy they are to use. It’s for this reason that G Suite has always aimed to give IT admins simpler ways […]

Stay secure with advanced anti-phishing and malware capabilities

We recently introduced several features for G Suite to help keep your data secure. As described in our earlier post, this includes advanced protections against phishing and malware attempts. Keep reading for more information on these new settings and how they’ll be rolled out to your organization. Following this launch, you’ll notice the new settings […]

Stay secure with default-on mobile management

We recently introduced several features for G Suite to help keep your data secure. As described in our earlier post, this includes basic mobile management that’s on by default. Keep reading for more information on this new setting configuration and how it’ll be rolled out to your organization. If your users bring their Android and […]