Search, with social: Unify your cross-channel marketing for better business results

Consumers engage with your brand across many channels, from search to display to social. However, only 17% of advertisers look at performance across these channels.1 And while search advertising will continue to make up the majority of digital ad spend this year, spending on social ads is estimated to grow. That’s why we’ve expanded DoubleClick […]

Exploring container security: An overview

By Maya Kaczorowski, Product Manager, Security & Privacy Containers are increasingly being used to deploy applications, and with good reason, given their portability, simple scalability and lower management burden. However, the security of containerized applications is still not well understood. How does container security differ from that of traditional VMs? How can we use the […]

Is Optimize set up correctly on your site? Let us double-check for you.

Google Optimize helps businesses determine which website experiences work best for their customers. With easy-to-use A/B testing capabilities, marketers can use Optimize to create and launch a test in minutes — and manage the entire process on their own. A/B testing with tools like Optimize drives results. In a recent survey, 72% of marketers found […]

My Path to Google: Annie Jean-Baptiste, Global Product Inclusion Evangelist

Welcome to the 23rd installment of our blog series “My Path to Google.” These are real stories from Googlers, interns, and alumni highlighting how they got to Google, what their roles are like, and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews. Today’s post is all about Annie Jean-Baptiste. Read on! Can you tell […]

API design: Which version of versioning is right for you?

By Martin Nally, Programmer and API Designer, Apigee There’s a lot of advice on the web about API versioning, much of it contradictory and inconclusive: One expert says to put version identifiers in HTTP headers, another expert insists on version identifiers in URL paths, and a third says that versioning of APIs is not necessary […]

Google mise sur l’écosystème de l’intelligence artificielle en France

En janvier dernier, nous annoncions la création d’un nouveau centre de recherche en intelligence artificielle dans notre bureau parisien. Aujourd’hui, Deepmind annonce également la création d’une nouvelle équipe de recherche en IA basée à Paris. Nous nous réjouissons de renforcer les équipes de recherche de Google en Europe, pour consolider les efforts des chercheurs déjà […]

Investing in France’s AI Ecosystem

Posted by Olivier Bousquet, Principal Engineer, Google Zürich Recently, we announced the launch of a new AI research team in our Paris office. And today DeepMind has also announced a new AI research presence in Paris. We are excited about expanding Google’s research presence in Europe, which bolsters the efforts of the existing groups in […]

Using Machine Learning to Discover Neural Network Optimizers

Posted by Irwan Bello, Research Associate, Google Brain Team Deep learning models have been deployed in numerous Google products, such as Search, Translate and Photos. The choice of optimization method plays a major role when training deep learning models. For example, stochastic gradient descent works well in many situations, but more advanced optimizers can be faster, […]

Now, you can automatically document your API with Cloud Endpoints

By Andrew Gunsch, Software Engineer, and Israel Shalom, Product Manager With Cloud Endpoints, our service for building, deploying and managing APIs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you get to focus on your API’s logic and design, and our team handles everything else. Today, we’re expanding “everything else” and announcing new developer portals where developers can […]