Expanding MongoDB Atlas availability on GCP

By Kent Smith, Cloud Customer Engineer With over 35 million downloads and customers ranging from Cisco to Metlife to UPS, MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases for developers and enterprises alike. MongoDB is available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through MongoDB’s simple-to-use, fully managed Database as a Service (DBaaS) product, MongoDB Atlas. […]

Easy HPC clusters on GCP with Slurm

By Michael Basilyan, Product Manager; Wyatt Gorman and Keith Binder, HPC Specialists; and Annie Ma-Weaver, Partner Manager  High performance and technical computing is all about scale and speed. Many applications, such as drug discovery and genomics, financial services and image processing require access to a large and diverse set of computing resources on demand. With more […]

Changes to our ad policies to comply with the GDPR

In May, Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. Google is committed to complying with the GDPR, and in preparation, we’ve been working with our customers and partners to inform them about changes we’re making to our policies across our various products. Today we’re informing advertisers and publisher partners about changes to […]

Discontinuing support for JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch Endpoints

Posted by Dan O’Meara, Program Manager, Google Cloud Platform team We have invested heavily in our API and service infrastructure to improve performance and security and to add features developers need to build world-class APIs. As we make changes we must address features that are no longer compatible with the latest architecture and business requirements. […]

The Android Security 2017 Year in Review has good news for enterprises

Device security is of paramount importance to enterprises. It’s why the Android Security team (and many other teams at Google) continuously work to improve protections across more than 2 billion active Android devices. To ensure customers, partners, and Android users are up to date on our ongoing work, we recently published the fourth annual Android […]

Inside AdMob: Aplica innovaciones de AdWords y AdMob para convertirte en el mejor exponente de la historia en el ámbito de los juegos para dispositivos móviles

Los grandes juegos tienen un poder mágico. Permiten que los jugadores exploren otros mundos, se conviertan en superhéroes y potencien sus capacidades para resolver problemas. Hoy, más que nunca, los programadores como tú pueden pasar a ser leyendas como empresarios exitosos en el ámbito de los juegos. A fin de que puedas lograrlo, compartiremos varias […]

Reformulating Chemistry for More Efficient Quantum Computation

Posted by Ryan Babbush, Senior Research Scientist, Quantum AI Team The first known classical “computer” was the Antikythera mechanism, an analog machine used to simulate the classical mechanics governing dynamics of celestial bodies on an astronomical scale. Similarly, a major ambition of quantum computers is to simulate the quantum mechanics governing dynamics of particles on […]

Building trust through Access Transparency

By Joseph Valente, Product Manager Auditability ranks at the top of cloud adopters’ security requirements. According to an MIT Sloan Management Review survey of more than 500 IT and business executives, 87% of respondents cited auditability as an important factor in evaluating cloud security—second only to a provider’s ability to prevent data compromises. While Google’s […]

Cloud Identity: Manage users, devices and apps in one location

Whether we’re collaborating with teammates in different parts of the world, troubleshooting client issues on location, or checking email on the way to the airport, cloud apps and mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way we work. But they’ve also changed the way businesses need to approach security. Today, the average user works on three […]