Improving Stability by Reducing Usage of non-SDK Interfaces

Posted by David Brazdil, Software Engineer In Android, we’re always looking for ways to improve the user and developer experience by making those experiences as stable as possible. In this spirit, we’ve been working to ensure that apps don’t use non-SDK interfaces, since doing so risks crashes for users and emergency rollouts for developers. In […]

Fully managed export and import with Cloud Datastore now generally available

By Dan McGrath, Product Manager If you store information in a database, you know how important it is to have an easy and reliable way to get data in and out — whether you’re making a copy for backup or archival purposes, or you want to restore data after a user “ooops” moment. So today, […]

Richer Google Analytics User Management

Today we are introducing more powerful ways to manage access to your Analytics accounts: user groups inside Google Analytics, and enforceable user policies. These new features increase your ability to tightly manage who has access to your data, and amplify the impact of the user management features we launched last year. User Groups User groups […]

Google Domains: an easy way to get online

In 2015, we launched Google Domains to help businesses find and buy relevant domains. Here are a few ways we’re helping these companies build, manage and expand their online presence, including a number of key features we recently introduced. Increased domain name options Last year, we continued to serve customers by expanding our domain name […]

Announcing SSL policies for HTTPS and SSL proxy load balancers

By David Gingold, Software Engineer Applications in cloud deployments have diverse security needs. When you use a load balancer as an HTTPS or TLS front end, you need to be able to control how it secures connections to clients. In some cases, your security or compliance requirements may restrict the TLS protocols and ciphers that […]

Google erweitert Förderung des Journalismus im Rahmen von DNI und News Lab

Die Digital News Initiative (DNI), eine Partnerschaft zwischen Google, Presseverlagen und Journalisten aus ganz Europa, unterstützt journalistische Innovationen und die Suche nach nachhaltigen Geschäftsmodellen durch Produktentwicklung, Training & Forschung und den DNI Innovationsfond. Dieser Fond ermöglicht Akteuren der Medienbranche schneller und risikofreier zu experimentieren. Seit der Gründung des DNI-Innovationsfonds in Höhe von 150 Millionen Euro […]

Applications for Round 5 of DNI Innovation Fund are now open

Since its introduction in 2015, the Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund has offered more than €90 million to more than 460 ambitious projects in digital journalism, across 29 countries. The fund, our €150 million commitment to supporting innovation in the European news industry, is designed to provide no-strings-attached funding to those in the news industry […]

Android Developer Story: Deeplocal

Pubblicato da Dave Smith, Developer Advocate per IoT Deeplocal è uno studio di innovazione di Pittsburgh che crea nuovi concetti come il marketing per aiutare i marchi più amati del mondo a raccontare le loro storie. Il team di Deeplocal ha realizzato diversi progetti di robotica divertenti e coinvolgenti con Android Things. Sfruttando l’ecosistema degli […]

Twelve third-party applications added to the G Suite pre-integrated SAML apps catalog

With Single-Sign-On (SSO), users can access all of their enterprise cloud applications—including the Admin console for admins—after signing in just one time. Google supports the two most popular enterprise SSO standards, OpenID Connect and SAML, and there are more than 800 applications with pre-integrated SSO support in our third-party apps catalog already. We’re now adding […]