[Draft] Android Developers Blog: API Google Play Referrer: per tracciare e misurare le installazioni dell’app in modo semplice e sicuro

Pubblicato da Neto Marin, Developer Advocate Sapere come le persone trovano la tua app e cosa fanno dopo averla installata è fondamentale per aiutari a prendere le decisioni giuste sul prodotto e sul marketing. Ed è particolarmente importante per decidere la strategia pubblicitaria e il budget. Oggi molte società di misurazione delle app e le […]

Never miss your stop again – with step-by-step directions in transit navigation

Traveling on a bus or train is the time for you to do your best music-listening, news-reading, and social-media scrolling … as long as you don’t miss your stop. A new feature on Google Maps for Android keeps you on track with departure times, ETAs and a notification that tell you when to transfer or […]

Google Code-in is breaking records

It’s been an incredible (and incredibly busy!) three weeks for the 25 mentor organizations participating in Google Code-in (GCI) 2017, our seven week global contest designed to introduce teens to open source software development. Participants complete bite sized “tasks” in topics that include coding, documentation, UI/UX, quality assurance and more. Volunteer mentors from each open […]

Three tips for peak Cloud Load Balancing performance

By Colt McAnlis, Developer Advocate The backbone of any modern, cloud-native application is a flexible, powerful load balancing system, which allows requests to come to a single location, and scatters them appropriately to waiting worker VMs. Coupled with an auto-scaler, a load balancer can also help your applications adapt to sudden spikes in traffic. If […]

News Lab in 2017: the year in review

In the news and technology communities, the collective sense of urgency about the future of journalism reached new heights this year. Never before has the press been so important—or so under threat. Technology and platforms like the ones Google has built present extraordinary opportunities to strengthen journalism, but they require newsrooms and tech companies working […]

Update Google Calendar resources using the Calendar Resource APIs

We recently introduced the new Google Calendar experience on the web, including the ability to add more structured data about your buildings and resources. We’re now making it easier to add and edit that information with updates to the existing Calendar Resources API, as well as adding two new APIs: Buildings and Features. G Suite […]