Updating our Transparency Report and electronic privacy laws

Today, we are releasing the latest version of our Transparency Report concerning government requests for user data. This includes government requests for user data in criminal cases, as well as national security matters under U.S. law. Google fought for the right to publish this information in court and before Congress, and we continue to believe […]

Use Google Drive and the Files app to organize content on your iOS 11 device

With Google Drive, you can access and edit your files across the many devices and platforms you work on. The new Files app for iOS 11 brings together files and documents stored on your iOS device and in the cloud across various apps and services. Today, we’re announcing full integration of the Drive application with […]

Daydream Labs: Interactive scenes with Blocks objects

Since the launch of Blocks, people have been enthusiastically creating and sharing their amazing models with the community. So we asked ourselves: what would it be like to use Blocks objects to create an entire interactive scene? Turns out it’s possible. In an experiment our team built recently, we created a system that lets people […]

Turbine seu currículo com o novo Google Primer

A internet mudou muitas coisas. Mudou o jeito como nos comunicamos, como ouvimos música e como assistimos vídeos. Mudou também a maneira como aprendemos, trabalhamos e fazemos negócios. Essa revolução digital gerou novas oportunidades e também novas necessidades de conhecimento. Nós lançamos o Primer, nosso aplicativo com lições gratuitas de marketing digital e negócios, justamente […]

The economic impact of geospatial services

With Google Maps, we’re committed to creating the richest, deepest, most detailed understanding of the world that’s ever existed. By digitizing and providing access to a wealth of information about the real world, we allow people to easily explore the world around them, provide tools for businesses to attract and connect with customers, power map […]

Google Fiber now available in over 3,000 apartment and condominium communities

A little over five years ago, Google Fiber fiber launched a different kind of internet and TV service to the first single family home in Kansas City. Pretty soon after that, we heard from apartments and condos interested in partnering with Google Fiber to bring superfast internet and TV to their residents. To make this […]