Google parie sur la France et les talents français

Quand on parle de « champion du digital », on pense immédiatement à des ingénieurs informatiques hautement qualifiés qui développent des nouvelles technologies pour le monde entier. Cependant, il existe beaucoup d’autres champions du digital : par exemple, des PME qui accélèrent leur croissance en ligne et s’exportent à l’international tout en créant des emplois […]

Making France’s digital potential work for everyone

When people think of “digital champions,” it’s natural to think of a highly trained computer scientist creating new technology.  There are many other kinds of digital champions, however. They can be small business owners accelerating their growth online or people finding better ways to do their jobs. To do this, people now need to easily […]

Googlers on the road: FOSDEM 2018

The Google Open Source team is currently enjoying summer weather in Sydney at, but soon we return to winter weather and head to Brussels for FOSDEM 2018. FOSDEM is a special event, famous for being non-commercial, volunteer-organized, and free to attend. It’s also huge, attracting more than 5,000 attendees. FOSDEM logo licensed CC BY […]

Hangouts Meet metrics in Reports API; tablet support now available

Hangouts Meet helps you connect with your team from anywhere with easy-to-join video calls. We’re introducing new features to help you and your teams maximize how they collaborate. Hangouts Meet metrics added to G Suite Reports API To help you better understand Hangouts Meet usage within your domain, we’re introducing more than 50 new metrics […]

Boas vindas à Turma #3 do Programa de Residência do Campus São Paulo

Nas duas primeiras turmas do Campus Residency, programa com foco em apoiar startups de alto potencial a alcançarem seu próximo estágio de crescimento, tivemos o prazer de trabalhar com startups inovadoras e seus times de grande espírito empreendedor. Acompanhamos de perto o crescimento de negócios como o da IDwall, que pulou de 3 para 27 […]

Aiutare gli utenti a trovare, interagire e ritornare a utilizzare la tua app con l’Assistente Google

Pubblicato da Brad Abrams, Product Manager Gli utenti scoprono costantemente nuovi modi in cui l’Assistente Google e le tue app possono aiutarli a svolgere le loro attività. Per questo vogliamo condividere una serie di nuove funzionalità per consentire agli utenti di trovare, interagire e ritornare a utilizzare più facilmente la tua app. Aiutare gli utenti […]

Storytelling in Six Seconds: Sundance Edition

In the nearly two years since we launched six-second bumper ads, we’ve seen that big creative ideas can come to life in the smallest of spaces. The world’s most creative minds have tested the limits of building evocative work in six seconds—and the ad community’s enthusiasm has spread beyond YouTube, as bumpers now regularly appear […]